Saturday, July 23, 2011

Here is something you don't see every day!

Even at the Audubon Zoo this one is rare.  We were walking along and just watched as this bird picked up a rat and flew away with his lunch!  And...I snapped VERY quickly!!!  LOL

Because I couldn't decide which way I like it better you get to see it again!

My kids being can come over anytime to see that!  :)

Pink beaked duck!

Two Headed Snake

Would NOT want to wake up with this guy staring at me!  LOL

I think this white alligator was posing with our kids!

Unlikely friends?  
I think this is the same bird from above.  And I took this before he picked up his "fly through lunch".  So, I have this dialogue in my head going on...
Bird:  "I'm getting hungry, I think I'll go over there for lunch."
Turtle:  "Whatever...I don't like rats!"

Beautiful and creepy all in one animal.

TINY TINY lizard

Genna holding the tiny lizard!

4 exhausted kids and 3 HUGE pancakes for dinner!  :)

"Hey, we want some pancakes!"  :)

Hope you enjoyed these!!  :)

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