Friday, July 8, 2011

Is cursive handwriting obsolete?

I've commented in earlier posts that for the last year Brandy and I have discussed how we are amazed at how cursive handwriting is still so heavily focused on in education.  Well, I don't know if she called someone or something, but someone heard us and agreed!  LOL  We are so smart.  Sometimes it amazes me.  ;-)

This morning I was half awake and my eyes popped opened when I heard a news story about how many states are phasing cursive handwriting out of their curriculum.  They will introduce typing at an earlier age since so many kids are carrying laptops instead of notebooks in the later grade.  I think it make perfect sense.  Cursive was a way to make the ink last longer!  LOL  Not an issue these days!

I have a feeling some will still insist that kids should learn to use cursive handwriting because of the romanticism.  It is like corks in wine bottles.  Screw caps work better, but most of the wine industry is not about to take the drama away from the bottle opening process.

I happen to agree...schools especially should be focusing on solid reading and math skills.  Typing is going to be much more important for this next generation.  Heck...we are making grocery lists on our cell phones!

Here I to find a typing program for Genna and Thomas.  FYI...I will still teach cursive (Genna did that this year), but I won't stress myself or Thomas over it or push it too early.

Here is a news story from yesterday:

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