Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Only 8 Lessons to go!

Well, as all of the poor regular school kids head back to school, (;-) j/k) we are so close to finishing that we can taste it!  :)  The kids and I are excited for the break we will be taking from August 24th until September 13th.  And, the extra special treat is that Kevin is taking 2 weeks vacation so we can spend lots of quality family time together!

We've chosen a year round approach to school...several days a week all year with a few breaks for holidays, visits to grandparents, vacations, sick days, etc.  Basically...complete freedom.  LOVE IT!  And we will be finished well ahead of my originally planned finish date!  A total of 11 months to finish up.  But here is the cool part.  There are 170 lessons in the main curriculum we use (A Beka) and we will start our next school year at lesson 40 because we won't have to review the lessons that were lost over 12 weeks of summer vacation!  :)  So, if we plan properly, next year we'll be done a whole 2 months sooner, and be starting the next year before everyone even heads back to school.

Last week we went to The Home School Cottage in Slidell, LA and found some outstanding deals there.  Also picked up some extras for History and Science that I will adapt to accommodate Thomas as a first grader.  I still can't believe baby will be a first grader!  :(  And, while Genna has already been doing about half 4th grade work for a few months, now the 4th grade status is going to be official for her!  Time flies...and we have had fun.

I'm also picking up a new spelling curriculum for Thomas.  It is called "All About Spelling" and is only about $30, so even if your child is in Kindergarten or first grade it would be a great supplemental learning tool and would make for a fun and educational holiday or birthday gift.  It uses a multi-sensory teaching approach and comes with flash cards, magnets, etc.  It uses phonics, but also focuses on the rules of spelling.  Some of the rules were news to me!

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