Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Been a while!

Well, the last month has been insanely busy, but we've survived!  Blogging didn't make the cut on the to do list.  We are still absolutely thrilled with our new lives!  I went to Spain for a week and the kids didn't have school while the grandparents were here helping Kevin.  On the first day "back to school" I expected a bit of regression, but it was actually the opposite!  Especially for Thomas.  I felt as though things he was having to think about before my trip came naturally yesterday.

While I was gone, Genna performed in her first choir concert.  Everyone has said that the concert was really special and we are so happy she is part of the group.  I won't be missing anymore concerts.  ;-)

In Spain I saw some captivating sights.  And, I'm looking forward to having the time to teach the kids about them!  They were very impressed when I told them that we saw Christopher Colombus' Tomb and a thorn from the crown that Jesus wore during his crucifixion.  Funny story...Thomas talked to my mom the other night on the phone and told her that he had heard that we saw "Christmas Column's Tune."  We cracked up! 

As a special birthday surprise, Kevin installed the wood floors in my studio/classroom!  He also painted the room!  :)  Then he even built my desk and shelves from scratch!!!  He is becoming quite the handyman and I may have to start renting him out!  I will post photos as soon as everything is put back together.  The desk and shelves still need to be painted.


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