Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Beat The Clock!

If you've read along, you'll remember that I was having some issues with Genna getting frustrated last week with the "speed drills" for math.  This week I've mixed things up and instead of setting a timer that rings when "time is up" we are using a stopwatch and just trying to beat or match or previous times.  I'm not limiting this activity to the speed drills, either.  We are also using them with addition/subtraction flashcards and with multiplication flashcards.  But, when we do the speed drills I watch to see where she is at the "time limit" designated and make a note of it without her even knowing.  Sneaky....  :)  She is now having FUN doing these activities! is a wonderful thing!  Today we opened a couple of new containers and while Genna was having instructional time he was happy as a clam making letters, numbers, and even color words with it!  And he is well on his way to being a reader, too.  He knows the vowels and their short sounds very well!  His speech therapy is also going well and I've already noticed improvement in just the few weeks we've been homeschooling. 

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  1. I miss your updates! Hope things are still going well! :-)