Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Wow!  It has been SO crazy, I almost forgot to blog!  Not really...just really didn't have the time.  :) Work combined with homeschooling...I'm not going to lie...it was really really really really hard!  But, still, I'm so happy we've made the change because, while it was difficult for me and I'll have to make changes for the plan next year, there were still positives to extract!  


We stayed healthy through the holidays, which is something that has not happened in this house since, well...ever.  We didn't even get a cold.  So nice.  We did have the allergic reaction to deal with, but...

Our schedule was crazy, but by the end of 2010, I was still ahead of my original planned schedule.  And as of right now, we'll be finished the school year and moving on to the next a whole month sooner than I thought!  And that is with an average of 4 days of school per week.  How cool is that?

You may wonder how we can do that.  Well, that is another example.  I traveled to FLA to visit my parents.  We did school in the car on the way and while we were there.  So, no need to skip school to go on a trip!  :)

One of the most fulfilling times is when I hear Thomas reading.  He is pretty shy about it, but occasionally enjoys showing off, even for Daddy, Nana or Huckie!

If you ask Genna why she loves homeschooling her answer is..."Because I can sleep late!"  LOL  I think there is little more to it.  ;-)  Like the fact that while she is still in the habit of complaining over having to do school work (an issue we are working on) she also doesn't have the homework meltdowns.  AND, when I tell you she is like a sponge...I MEAN IT.  She learns so well one on one and has had nothing less than a 90% on any of her tests.  It is truly amazing!  Not that she was doing badly in school.  She had all A's and B's on her report cards.  But occasionally I would see how she just didn't "get" something and it would cause lower grades on tests.  That doesn't happen now...because I know if she is missing something and fix it right then and there!

We've also made a decision about TV in the house.  No TV until evening time.  I'm hoping this will eliminate some of the above mentioned complaining.  :)  AND, at the same time encourage reading, writing and creative play.  I've never been one to think that "limited TV" was necessary, but since the kids were punished from TV for a week we've decided we love it.  "We" being me and Kevin...NOT the kids!  They've complained, but, honestly, not nearly as much as I expected them to.

In other fun news...the choir concerts in December were incredible and we can't wait until we start up again!  They were truly special.  Kev and I are going on a weekend cruise, just the two of us, in a few weeks.  A much needed retreat after such an insane holiday season.  And Thomas will be 6yo in just a couple of months and can't wait for his party and to start baseball.  I can't believe it!  My baby is growing up.  :(

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  1. Glad to see you're blogging again! I hope you keep posting because I really enjoy hearing about your homeschooling adventures!