Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sorry...I'm still struggling with "time management" LOL

I wanted to check in and share some stuff about how our first year is going!  We are still loving life!  However, I'm not going to lie...I always take as much time as necessary for my kids schooling and everything else takes a backseat.  Therefore, I'm still struggling a little with time management for work and chores!  But the struggles are worth it and I know that in time I'll adjust and things will flow a little more smoothly.  One thing that keeps the roller coaster ride going is the fact that we are so much more available and we CAN spend time doing things like going to Florida to see Nana and Huckie, spend a couple of nights in Disney, and weekends at Papa's camp!  :)  If we have schoolwork to do, we can do it on the road and have school while we are there.  Nana's dining room table works great and the view is fantastic!  And, nothing makes the kids happier than hanging A+ papers on a grandparent's refrigerator!

We are nearing the end of our 2nd quarter of lessons, but I've not yet shared the kids "report cards" for the 1st quarter.  And, so far, the 2nd quarter is very nearly the same!  STRAIGHT A's!!!  And, trust me, the work is NOT easier.  It is more difficult!  Especially for Genna!

Math    96
Language  100
Reading   96
Handwriting   100
Spelling  105
Social Studies  100
Science  101

Math   100
Language  99
Reading  100
Handwriting  97
Social Studies  100
Science  100

I'd like to give you some ideas of the work that my kids are doing everyday.  :)  Here is one picture of the board for part of class one day a couple of weeks ago when I happened to have my camera sitting right there.  This is just a small sample!

On the left is Genna's spelling list for that week.  On the right was the "story" that Thomas had to read that day.  He has learned to read via phonics.  A much different experience from Genna's kindergarten year filled with sight words.  No offense, but I not a fan of sight words and Thomas currently only has three or four of them.  Amazingly, in just the past two weeks, since this photo, his reading has increased dramatically.  He has moved on to words like pond, band, bent, quick, quit, etc.  He impresses his daddy regularly at dinnertime when we often "show off"!  

On another note...for those of you with younger kids, Thomas was given a Leapster Explorer for Christmas from his M'amy!  :)  HE LOVES THIS TOY!  AND, to make it even better, he has learned a tremendous amount of math, reading and even geography from his games!  It has amazed me.  As a mom, there is nothing better than an awesome toy that is worth every penny spent.  Just FYI.  :)

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