Thursday, May 26, 2011

Loving the Walmart Cashier!

So, the kids and I were out and about this morning running errands.  We saw many moms with their kids who are now finished school for the summer.  

We got to the register and Genna helped unload the cart and the cashier asked Genna if she is home schooled!  I was wowed by her insight.  LOL  Then she said (and this is my favorite part), "I can just tell.  The kids who are home schooled are usually really well behaved and independent."  HAHA  LOVE IT!

And, I have to say...trips to the grocery store are so much nicer with my kids now!  I used to do anything I could to avoid shopping with them and now it is no big deal and we actually have fun.  Pretty cool...just one more thing to add to the "What I Love About Homeschooling" list!   

But hold on...don't go crazy thinking that I have the most well behaved kids on the planet!  They are good, but they are also kids!  So, just like everyone we have our moments.  :-P

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