Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Special Choir Performance!

Genna's choir experience this year has been overwhelmingly awesome!  I can't say it enough.  Performing/singing IS Genna's "thing."  She has the natural talent and is so brave and poised when she performs.  She is 9yo!  Her ability to handle the nerves that anyone (even the best adults) experience when performing in front of a room full of people is just amazing to me.

For this special concert in Mississippi, Genna was invited to join the big kids (11 - 17yo) in their choir to sing two songs.  She embraced the challenge, and with only two rehearsals and very little help from me she learned these two rather complicated and long 3-part choral pieces in less than two weeks.  One of these songs is a song that I remember singing with my high school "District Chorus!"  I am so proud of her for (a) working hard and learning the music so well and (b) taking on the challenge without hesitation!  I'm happy for her that she is so confident in her ability.  I don't have videos from those two songs because my camera battery died.  Brandy did get video, so someday I may be able to share.  :)

Then...we got an e-mail asking for kids to audition for special performances to "fill out" the concert line up.  I called Brandy to see if Caryn and Laney would like to audition as a trio with the "50 States Song" which all three of our girls have now learned.  (See previous post for a video of Genna singing this song when she first learned it.)  They did audition and the choir director was impressed and asked the girls to perform "You Are My All In All" for the concert.  They learned this song in 6 days before the concert!  They all did such a great job.  They were the only "little kids" to do a special performance for the concert.  There were 4 others and they were all teenagers.  I wish I had not had a low battery so that I could share those great performances, too!  Here is the video...from left to right is Laney (7yo), Genna (9yo) and Caryn (10yo).  They only made one little mistake that they never made in rehearsal.  :-P

Here are some other videos from that concert.

And, finally, I have to add that the congregation at Pleasant Hill Baptist Church was so welcoming and kind.  They provided a feast of the most delicious foods and made donations to this youth choir program.  Their generosity is so appreciated and I know I'm not the only parent who feels blessed to have been in the company of such good and loving people.

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