Thursday, May 5, 2011

Crazy April! What else is new?

I live by several common mantras, cliches, sayings, etc...

God will lead the way.
Whatever is meant to be, will be.
Do unto others as you'd have them do unto you.
Don't Judge.

And my latest favorite is...


Since my previous post:

Kevin ruptured his Achilles Tendon while playing basketball.  He has had surgery to repair it and we are looking at several months of recovery.  It has been joyful....well, actually, no it hasn't.  Not for him, and not for me.  He is a big help in our house and these days he can't help much at all.  This is very frustrating for him.  And now instead of two people who need me to care for them, I have three!  LOL  However, I know things could be much worse and I continually count my blessings and stay thankful that his ruptured achilles is the worst thing we have to handle!

We also had a visit from Nana and Huckie!  They were here for Easter week and we had such a great time with them.  We spent one day in the French Quarter of New Orleans where the kids and Huckie toured the Cabildo (museum of the history of N.O.) and the Katrina museum.  We also took them to the original Cafe Du Monde for beignets and they were thrilled.  They were able to peek into the kitchen and see them making the beignets....1000's of them!  It was really windy that day, which made for some real fun with the powdered sugar!  AND...I'm very upset with myself because I forgot my camera! 

While Nana and Huckie were here Genna had a choir concert.  She auditioned and was awarded with a solo!!!  It was extremely exciting for me to see my little girl singing on a stage!  I now understand how my parents felt when I was young.  :)  She could have sounded awful and I'd have thought she sounded like an angel!  BUT, she was AWESOME!  I'm still amazed at her poise and grace.  Not to mention her beautiful voice.  :)  This choir experience has been so special, and of such a high quality, that everyone "gets" why I drive an hour each week to New Orleans to participate! 

Please follow this link to see her performance with her awesome choir!

And here is a pic of my baby getting ready for the concert!  I think she was excited!  ;-)

I'm not sure if Thomas will join this choir since he (a) said "I wish I had earplugs." and (b) slept through most of the concert!  LOL  He is such a stinker.  

See if you can find him in this pic!  

That is from the park where he is playing baseball and Genna is playing softball.  Our schedule for this activity is awesome....Monday practice for both, Tuesday game for Genna, Wednesday game for Thomas, Thursday game for Genna and Saturday game for Thomas.  On Wednesdays we also have dancing for Genna.  This will go on until mid-June.  Thankfully, tonight we had a very exciting game!  It has to be entertaining or I'd really just want to quit.  LOL

In other news our garden is being tended by me and the kids only.  That really wasn't the original plan, but it's fun and I'm hanging in there!  :)  While tending yesterday I saw two of these and had to get pics so that we could find out what kind of bee is red?  It isn't a bee at all, it is a "velvet ant" or "cow killer."  And, guess what...despite their name they aren't an ant either.  LOL  They are actually wasps.  The males fly and don't sting, but the females (haven't seen one, but I'm looking) don't fly and pack a nasty sting and actually help to control the wasp and bee population because they lay their eggs on top of a host larvae and when they hatch they feed on and kill the pest to be.  So, I'm not complaining, but I'm also making sure that we are wearing shoes outside!

In Flight

Close up on a cucumber leaf

Hope you enjoyed your science lesson for the day!

Otherwise, our garden seemed to explode overnight!  Suddenly our little tiny plants became HUGE!

Future Squash

Cherry Tomatoes

Teeny Tiny beginnings of a Bell Pepper

Massive amounts of cilantro!  LOL  
I can't wait for the tomatoes and peppers so I can make a LOT of salsa!

And, the kids have a new fun pastime....catching minnows.  And, amazingly, they are very successful.  They use two big cups!  The wind kept blowing them over so I picked up a plastic tank at Walmart for them to keep and observe their catches in.  :)  They've made some bonus catches...a clam, a tadpole, and something that resembles a teeny teeny tiny crawfish!  There are at least 30 tiny minnows in there.

And, my last cliche mantra that sums our awesome lives up lately:

Let the kids be kids!  

But wait....husbands!
You may want to think twice about "being a kid" before you (and your achilles) regret it!  ;-P

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