Friday, October 8, 2010


Wow!  This has been a challenge this week with Genna.  The math course has "Timed Speed Drills" to complete.  This week was the first week that she could not complete them on time.  It didn't matter to her that the problems she did complete were almost completely correct.  And it brought back the tears of frustration from school. 

She hates that she would have assignments to do and wasn't able to get them done in the time given!  I, of course, understand why that is an issue for her.  This is a problem with ADHD.  For example...typing...I've never been as fast as most people, but one thing I manage is a rather high efficiency rate (not many errors).  I was never able to handle time limits in regard to testing either!  I'd be mortified to share my SAT score...all because of time and poor test taking skills.

Therefore, while I know we need to practice, and try to train her brain to work with time limits for future standardized tests, I believe that I will go about it a different way.  I'm still considering what to do.  Any ideas would be much appreciated!  :)  Is it something I just abandon for a while?  Or do I continue to make her do it, but add a few seconds to the time....still giving her a sense of urgency and me a measurement of improvement?

And how do I turn my little perfectionist into someone who accepts that they are not perfect?  She is so competitive - even with herself!  LOL  I can "grade" her daily work and out of 40 problems she'll get 2 or 3 wrong.  I'm praising her and one would think that I marked a big fat F on her paper!  So, I'm going to try number grades!  LOL  Which is something she hasn't ever seen in school.  In school it is just a letter grade. 

Wish us luck!  I want my little girl to be as proud of herself as I am! 

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  1. Good luck! I think the grading must be one of the hardest parts of homeschooling. Hope the number grades help!