Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Typical Daily Schedule & More

Thanks to my friend, Joanie, for the post idea!  :)

Our Class Schedule goes something like this:

As a rule, while I'm working with Genna, Thomas is either playing on the computer or working on a worksheet that I've printed for him.  Usually these activities relate to his schoolwork.  Then, when I'm instructing Thomas, Genna has seat work/assignments to do.

1. Math instruction for Genna
2. Phonics/Reading/Writing for Thomas....AM Reading for Genna
3. Language for Genna
4. Numbers/Math for Thomas
5. Spelling for Genna
6. Phonics Review for Thomas
7. Handwriting for Genna
8. Social Studies or Science

With time for prep, seat work, bathroom breaks, etc...the day usually lasts 3-4 hours depending on the material.

WE LOVE IT!!!  I don't believe that the kids are missing public school.  Genna would be the one I'd worry about and she hasn't said anything other than that she really is enjoying homeschooling.  She sees her good friends regularly!  Our "life schedule" has shifted, too.  Funny, because today I was talking to a customer on the phone at 2:30 and said I was fixing lunch for my kids.  LOL...well, since they eat breakfast at 9:30, then a snack, lunch is after class.  And dinner is when Kevin gets home from work.  So, we almost always have dinner as a family now!  YAY!

Each evening I spend a little while in the classroom getting organized for the following day.  This is important and makes a big difference in time management during class time. 

We've found a few websites with educational games.  I'll compile a list to share.  :)  If you know of any, I'd really appreciate suggestions!

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  1. You've probably found this website already, but we love the Starfall learning to read website. More for Thomas than Genna. My boys love it!