Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Are you wondering???

Well, if you are like most people you quite possibly are wondering if we are enjoying homeschooling!  Short answer...YES!

Longer answer...we all love it and our evenings are so much happier!!!  The difference in the stress level of the entire household is tremendous!  No homework and a worry free bedtime (we shoot for 9 - 9:30, but no biggie if it is 10 or even later!) makes family life just awesome! 

That is not to say that what we are doing is easy!  Just that the trade off is well worth the reward!  My days are much more action packed.  LOL  So, basically, I've taken the work from them.  Ever tell your child "If I could take it away and give it to me, I would" when they are upset, stressed or hurt?  Well, basically, that is what I've done!  Instead of having the stress of homework and early mornings, I do more work during the day!  I'm basically a fulltime working mother now, just without an office or a boss!

I'm still a photographer, too!  My biggest challenge has definitely been balancing the two "jobs" during the busiest season of the year.  I'm behind on editing, but I do believe that we are in a rhythm now and I'll catch up over this week.  Just in time for SoccerTots to start up!  *sigh*

Chorus is amazing!  I'll have to try to get a video to post soon.  :) 

Any other questions?  I could use some post inspiration.


  1. Hmmm...I would be interested to hear about your daily schedule. Now that you're settling into this routine, how have you adjusted things? Do the kids seem to miss public school at all?

  2. Thanks Joanie! I'll think on those questions and post soon. :)