Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sample Work Pages From Our Curricula

I've had a few moms ask about the curricula we are using.  As I've said before, choosing curricula was, without a doubt, the hardest part of making the switch.  And, really, it doesn't end.  You pick something and then you continue to look at other stuff throughout the year!  LOL  But, I have to say, that having looked at several others I'm very happy with my choices and will only be changing some minor things for next year.

Thomas is completely on ABeka K5 and here are a few recent samples.  I honestly don't have anything negative to say about the K5 curriculum.  It rocks!  Keep in mind that we are only half way through the year.  We generally only have school 4 days per week and we plan to be finished by the end of August.  And we didn't start our curriculum until the end of September.

This was an Oral Eval...he had to pick a line to read across...he wanted three "A+" so he read all of the lines for me.  :)


Personally, I'm choosing to stick with manuscript and not attack cursive with Thomas yet. My opinion...cursive is rather outdated.  If you really think about it, how often do we really use it anymore?  So, yes, Genna is learning, but I was not about to pressure Thomas with that just yet!


Here are the last two pages from his second reading book.

And, here are some samples from Genna.  

ABeka Arithmetic 3:

I really have no complaints about the Arithmetic work.  It is our most time consuming subject because it is plentiful, but it isn't overwhelming.  VERY repetitive, therefore, I sometimes take the liberty of eliminating a problem or two if I know it is something she doesn't need to practice more than once or twice.  

Her most recent test...

I think she is going to remember 6x8=48 now...since if she had remembered it that day she'd have gotten an A!  LOL

Today's work

Shurley English Level 1

This one is also extremely repetitive, but for very good reasons!  I can't believe what she is doing in level 1...which Thomas will be doing soon!  

And I'm not going to lie...I've already been "reminded" of some grammar!  LOL

Jingles are a major part of this curriculum.  Really wonderful way to teach kids!  Even Thomas knows a few of them!

In a sentence she is classifying the following:  Subject Noun, Verb, Adverbs, Adjectives, Article Adjectives, Preposition, Object of the Preposition, Complete Subject, Complete Predicate, and Prepositional Phrases.

And now she is writing two point expository paragraphs every couple of days.

Since this is Level 1, we have gotten through it rather quickly and will be finished in 6 weeks or so!

Here is her test for tomorrow:

This one covers the following:  Sentence Classifying, synonyms/antonyms, parts of speech, matching complete subject with complete predicate, and identifying sentence fragments.

Last weeks test:  So, you can see what she does with the sentences!  

ABeka Spelling

I'm not crazy about this.  I think my dislike has a lot to do with the fact that I'm not using the Language Arts and Reading portion of the curriculum.  I often feel that some of the words are not really very important ones to learn.  I mean, I want her to know what an "antonym" is, but, honestly, I don't care if she can spell that word!  LOL  I do care, but I don't think it is more important than the word "because" or "elephant."  I don't know why I picked those words, but I hope you see my point!

So, I've found a better spelling option for next year at Barnes & Noble.  I like it for two reasons.  First, the words seem more relevant and second, because the book provides a few assignments for each list.  This will make spelling more smooth in our days.  It also focuses on vocabulary a bit more, which I like.

Coincidentally, since I am trying to decide which level to buy for her I ended up testing Genna for placement on spelling and she was a borderline 4th/5th grade level speller.  Woohoo!  Not bad for someone in the middle of 3rd grade.  Therefore, I'm going to get that 4th grade spelling book this week and start it now!  :)

Of course, there is more to Genna's schoolwork than just Spelling, English and Math!  For reading I use a comprehension book from Barnes & Noble...almost time for a new one!  And she reads chapter books and does book reports.  She is learning cursive with ABeka - generally it is one page per day.  And science and history are learned several ways...through teaching moments.  We are growing a vegetable garden (pics coming soon) and National Geographic movies are awesome!  Also, her reading comprehension covers different scientific and historical subjects.  We have a zoo/aquarium membership, too!  

Any questions?  :)

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