Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pretty Handwriting and other news!

Genna has beautiful cursive handwriting and she loves to practice!  I took some pictures to share of her first couple of assignments last week.  Remember she has not worked on cursive handwriting in school!

And, the boy...well, he is super smart, too!  :)  He made these all by himself!  He had to follow a pattern.

In other news...we got the rest of our materials in the mail yesterday!  So, today we were able to start with Genna's "official" 3rd grade math.  Last week I introduced multiplication and division and she caught on EXTREMELY well!  I was shocked.  Today, when we started we were able to go through 2 lessons because it was all stuff she really understood well since she was in school for 6 weeks. 

We also started with the homeschool chorus yesterday.  I was VERY impressed with how much time they are spending teaching the kids how to read music!  The kids sang for us at the end of class and sounded REALLY great!  I love the sound of children singing.  As a very special bonus, we went to dinner and the bookstore with our girlfriends who are also in the choir!  It feels great to spend quality time with my friend (we used to go months without seeing each other) and to watch our three girls get along and enjoy each other's company so much!  So much, in fact, that before we knew it we had been at the bookstore for 3 hours!  LOL

Well, the bus now needs to roll!  CCD tonight and helping my sister out with dance transportation!  :)

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