Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hear Thomas Reading

I did something fun and different with Thomas today.  This was in an effort to encourage more fluency in his reading while making it fun!  He loves Photobooth and it occurred to me that while I'm working with Genna on something he can record videos of himself reading and I can watch it later.  This is an AWESOME way to really know how he is doing!  Because no one is there with him to fix the errors.  I was happy to hear that most of the time he fixes them himself.  I think he is doing okay, but I can clearly see a few things we need to concentrate on.  For example...don't stop mid-sentence to go back to the other story for your silly ending!  That isn't fluent.  LOL  I told him he could be silly on the last word and he forgot.  So, he just stopped and went back.

The funny faces are also quite hysterical!

We are on lesson 126 out of 170 in our school year.  Just about three quarters of the way through.  YAY!

I was able to look at the 1st grade readers last weekend and was surprised to see that he is already capable of reading the first one!  Keeping in mind that much of each year of curriculum is based on lack of retention over the summer, I'm not completely surprised.

I've included the text below so you can read along.  :)  

Here are the stories:


Jon got a big cat.
Jon will name his cat Puff.
The cat can lap its meal.
Lap, lap, lap!
Jon can pet Puff.


Mom made a red coat.
It fits the doll.
June likes the coat.
June gave Mom a kiss.
The doll got a big hug.

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