Friday, September 17, 2010

Curriculum...ahhh...the hardest part, intellectually speaking

Many have asked what curriculum I will use.  If this interests you, read on...if not...well...  :)

The short answer is that I've chosen multiple curricula...depending on subject.  And, mostly, because it was soooo overwhelming to choose, I've just decided to do what my friend did with her kids!  LOL  The way I see it...I've seen what the kids have learned and how well they are doing.  So, I can stick with that this year, and then if I want to change next year I can.

For Thomas' Kindergarten curricula I've chosen A Beka for both Language Arts & Math. 

For Genna's 3rd grade curricula I've chosen A Beka for Math and Shurley English for Language Arts.  For Reading we will also read books and do beginner book reports as well as reading comprehension drills with Social Studies, History, and Science subject matter.

Otherwise, I will work on Science and History with both children.  To start with I have chosen a history book called "History Stories for Children."  The stories range from "The First Christmas Song" to "Davie Crocket".  Then there is a Teacher's Key that offers discussion and comprehension questions/tests.  I have several similar books for Science - everything from Rain Forest Animals to The Human Brain.  :)  And, eventually we will add a curriculum called Sonlight for both History and Science.

And finally, I kids have requested French Lessons as part of their day.  I LOVE French and am excited to spend some time teaching them and brushing up myself!  :)  I'm looking for a working VCR...if anyone has one that they can spare, please let me know!  The French program I have has VHS tapes to go along with it.  I'd really like to transfer those to DVD.  :)

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