Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Social Concerns? and the latest...

Here is Genna's extra curricular and Social Schedule for the first few weeks:

Mondays:  Choir
Tuesdays:  Softball Clinic and CCD
Wednesdays:  Dance
Thursdays:  PE and Cheer Practice or Game
Saturdays:  Games is the social calendar for the group I will be a member of (who we'll do PE with)...

Thomas doesn't have a whole lot yet other than the RCHAL PE and socials.  But he will.  He simply didn't want to play soccer or football. 

Here is the big difference.  I've wanted to pack our schedule with things like this for a long time!  And never could, or I would and we'd be so stressed over homework and bedtime I'd be thinking that we couldn't go on.  Now, we won't have homework to deal with!  I just have to try not to double book us too often!  :)

Onto other news: 

Yesterday I went to Home School Cottage in Slidell and found a huge portion of my books there!  I saved $52!!!  It was overwhelming because the store is PACKED with books for Pre-K through 12th grade!  I spent 2 hours there.  :)

Genna has been begging for me to get things done sooner and make next week the last week of school.  Not sure yet if that will happen, but I'm hoping!

I'm nervous about notifying the school about what our plans are.  LOL  Because I love the school, and, while I think the homework is frustrating and out of control, I have loved every teacher my children have had there.  I don't want them to take my decision personally.  This is the only "bitter sweet" part of the process. :(  But I know I'm doing the right thing for our family!  :)

Thanks for all of the e-mails and comments of encouragement!  I really do appreciate them.

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