Friday, September 24, 2010

Pictures of the Classroom/Studio!

So far, things are wonderful...although, I have to admit that I am exhausted!  LOL  It is a good tired, though...because of all of the quality time I'm spending with my babies!  We went to PE with the RCHAL homeschooling group yesterday afternoon.  It was fun, but a little hard to see Genna go through the "new kid" syndrome.  :(  I've been there and done that MANY times as a kid who went to so many different schools, so I guess I really know how she feels.  On the flip side, though, I know it is just the beginning and that soon she'll have lots of new BFFs!  :) 

I have some pictures to share!

First, I have to start with the desks that God left waiting for us!  I was early for a birthday party...early and me are not a usual event!  So, since we had just dropped off at Goodwill, I had the idea to turn around and head inside to see if they had anything useful for our classroom.  I thought maybe they'd have a table or shelves...and only dreamed that they'd have these:

We went into the store and walked along the aisle next to all of the furniture.  When we got to the back...over in the corner...there they were!  Two identical old school desks waiting for us!  They were $14.99 each!!!!  These are EXACTLY the desks I had hoped to find - I had even described them to a friend. 

Here are more pictures from the classroom!  It is a work in progress, but I think it is coming along nicely.  Ignore the flooring...since it is doubling as my studio we had to rip out half of the carpet so that I'll have a flat surface to work on.  We'll be installing wood floors in the whole room soon.  Also, the shelves in the corner will be replaced with a custom built in desk for me with shelves that go to the ceiling and storage underneath.  I can't wait, but that money tree in my backyard has yet to produce a penny. 

Our daily behavior system...eventually I hope we'll be able to do away with this very "school like" aspect, but while we are getting our routine going I thought it would be helpful for teaching and enforcing good habits and discouraging bad habits!  I tried to be a little different, at least!  LOL  We are tracking the weather in Gennaville and Thomasville...if attitudes and behavior are good the weather remains sunny.  If things go downhill then the weather gets cloudy, and then finally, if things get way out of control things get stormy!

Calendar, daily behavior charts, chore charts, birthday list, and a cursive writing guide for Genna.

The board and some support materials! 

A view from the you can see how the studio is incorporated...All I really have to do is move the desks out of the way and I'm in business!

And from the opposite you can see that we are even using the back of the door for our current English lesson.

Have a great day!  Off to finish up our day!