Monday, September 20, 2010

First lesson as a homeschooler...all about "Bittersweet"

Well, Genna and I had a heart to heart last night at bedtime.  She is sooo excited about homeschooling, but, like me, at the same time, she is sad about leaving her school.  There were some tears, and I asked her again if this is something she was really excited to try.  She said "I'm SO excited, but it is just still hard."  :(  I know.  So, we talked about what it means for something to be bittersweet.  I told her that I have the same feelings.  I explained that, while an adventure can be exciting and fun, beginning the adventure means making some changes and sometimes the changes aren't the easiest.  But, how when it comes down to it, the adventure is more exciting than the changes are sad.

Thankfully, in my own life I've had experience with change...From 5th grade to 12th grade I went to 5 different schools in 5 different states!  Some people would resent that and hate it, but I embraced it.  I think my mom and dad would agree, because, while there were tears with each move, I never begged them not to move.  Never kicked and screamed, either!  LOL  It was the best thing for our family, afterall.  :)  And, I can honestly say, that even now, I don't wish we hadn't moved all over the country.  So much of who I am is because of those moves and all of the traveling that came with them! 

So...bittersweet...that is the word of the week.  It isn't easy, but it is going to be exciting and fun!

Tomorrow is the last day of school for Genna!  Thomas, on the other hand, doesn't feel the need to return tomorrow.  LOL  Maybe he will change his mind.  I'll be whipping up some cupcakes this evening for Genna's class.


  1. Good luck!! What did their teachers say?

  2. Not much, but Genna said that her teacher said a little something about "not understanding about what I meant about the homework." I didn't say much about the homework in the letter other than to explain that it played a part in why we made this decision - and the why now. The only reason I even mentioned it is because a bunch of moms have told me to PLEASE do so! LOL